Omicron Covid Variant May Have Originated In Animals

Omicron Covid Variant May Have Originated In Animals: Study Published By Shweta Birendra Shukla | 20 Oct 2022

The Research Published Recently In The Journal Proceedings Of National Academy Of Sciences Provides New Insights Into The Evolutionary Origins Of Omicron. Credit : Pexels

An Essential Step In Coronavirus Infection Occurs When Spike Protein Which Helps The Virus To Infect The Cells Binds To The Host'S Receptor. Credit : Unsplash

After Establishing Consistent Infections In The Host The Spike Protein Becomes Adapted To The Host'S Receptor Credit : Pexels

The Resaerchers Carried Out A Detailed Structural Biology Analysis Of The Sars-Cov-2 Omicron Variant. Credit : Unsplash

They Identified Several Mutations In The Omicron Spike Protein That Were Uniquely Adapted To The Mouse Receptor And Incompatible With The Human Receptor Credit : Pexels

This Suggests The Omicron Variant Might Not Have Originated From Humans Directly And Instead May Have Been Transmitted From Other Animal Species To Humans According To The Researchers Credit : Unsplash

"I Am Working With My Colleagues To Address Current And Potential Future Coronavirus Pandemics By Developing Therapeutics Targeting Both Human Coronaviruses And Animal Coronaviruses" The Scientist Added. Credit : Pexels

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