Interesting Heart-Shaped Attractions From Around The World

Dec 25 2020 Interesting Heart-Shaped Attractions From Around The World Priya Srivastava

Lake Toyoni Japan The Lake In Erimo Town Japan Went Famous After A Television Commercial. This Beautiful Lake In The Shape Of A Heart Is A Perfect Picnic Spot In The Region. Istock

Upper Antelope Canyon Arizona Also Known As Tsé Bighánílíní The Place Is Famed For Its Natural Formation Of Heart Shape In The Upper Antelope. Istock

Heart Reef Australia The Great Barrier Reef In Australia Features The Stunning Heart Reef. It’S One Breathtaking Composition Of Coral Formed Naturally Into The Shape Of A Heart. Istock

Penghu Islands Taiwan The Island Is Known For Its Double-Heart Of Stacked Stones Or The Twin-Heart Fish Trap In Penghu County Taiwan. Istock

Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon Iceland This Heart-Shaped Natural Blue Lagoon In Iceland Looks Out Of The World It’S So Beautiful. Istock

Heart Bay Greece This Is Another Heart-Shaped Natural Wonder Visited By A Number Of Tourists Every Year. Istock

Dubai Miracle Garden Uae This Garden Features A Number Of Heart-Shaped Floral Attractions. Launched On Valentine’S Day In 2013 The Garden Is Spread Over 72000 Sq M And Features Over 50 Million Flowers And 250 Million Plants. Istock

Bleeding Heart Monkey Ethiopia This One Is Quite Bizarre. The Bleeding Heart Monkey Or Male Gelada (Endemic Species) Are Found In East Africa’S Great Rift Valley In The Guassa Community Conservation Area. Istock