Best Red Stag Hunting in New Zealand – 2023 Guide

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New Zealand is a paradise for hunters, and red stag hunting is one of the most popular activities among them. Red deer were introduced to New Zealand in the 19th century, and they have since thrived in the country’s diverse landscapes. The trophy red stag is highly sought after by hunters due to its impressive antlers, which can weigh up to 10kg and span over 1 meter in length.

If you are interested in hunting red stag deer in New Zealand, you might wonder when the best time to go is. The hunting season for red stags runs from March to August, with April and May being the peak months. During this time, stags are in a rut (mating season), making it easier for hunters to track them down.

There are plenty of options available. Alpine hunting for red stag is a popular adventure for hunters, with the rugged terrain and breathtaking views adding to the excitement of the hunt. Manuka Point Lodge offers a unique and luxurious hunting experience for those seeking a trophy red stag as well as opportunities to hunt other game such as goat and deer.

While planning your trip, you may also be curious about whether or not red stags are native to New Zealand. The answer is no; they were brought over from Europe in the mid-1800s for sport-hunting purposes.

In terms of what makes red stag hunting so appealing, it comes down to both the challenge of tracking these elusive creatures through difficult terrain and the reward of bringing home an impressive trophy. It’s not just about bagging a big buck; it’s about immersing yourself in nature and experiencing all that New Zealand has to offer.

Why New Zealand is the Best for Red Stag Hunting

Red Stag Hunting Packages in New Zealand

Thrill-seekers and hunting enthusiasts alike would agree that red stag hunting packages in New Zealand are the ultimate experience for hunters. These packages offer everything a hunter could want, including accommodations, meals, and guided hunting trips. With its large population of red stags, New Zealand is a prime location for this type of hunting.

Variety of Hunting Methods

One of the great things about red stag hunting in New Zealand is the variety of hunting methods available. Hunters can choose from spot-and-stalk or bow hunting. Spot-and-stalk is a popular method where hunters locate their prey by hiking through the wilderness and spotting them with binoculars before approaching stealthily to take a shot. Bowhunting is another popular option where hunters use bows and arrows to take down their prey. This method requires patience, skill, and precision.

Price Range

The price for red stag hunting packages can vary depending on the length of the trip and the level of accommodations. However, many hunters find that it’s worth splurging on a high-end package to ensure they have an unforgettable experience.

Opportunities to Hunt Other Game Species

Many red stag hunting packages also offer opportunities to hunt other game species such as fallow deer and wild boar. This makes it possible for hunters to enjoy multiple types of hunts during their trip.

The Experience of Hunting Red Stag in New Zealand

Consider the Duration of the Hunting Package Before Booking

Before booking a hunting package for a red stag in New Zealand, it is important to consider the duration of the package. Some packages may only offer a few days of hunting, while others may provide a longer experience that includes multiple hunts and additional activities. It is important to choose a package that fits your schedule and allows enough time for you to fully enjoy your trip.

Look for Packages That Include Accommodation and Meals to Save Money

When searching for a hunting package in New Zealand, it is also wise to look for packages that include accommodation and meals. This can save you money in the long run as you won’t have to pay extra for lodging or food during your trip. Many lodges offer comfortable accommodations and delicious meals, making your hunting experience even more enjoyable.

Choose a Package That Offers a Guide or Hunting Assistant to Increase Your Chances of Success

While some hunters prefer to hunt on their own, choosing a package that offers a guide or hunting assistant can significantly increase your chances of success. These professionals are familiar with the terrain and know where the red stag is likely to be found. They can also provide valuable advice on how to approach each hunt, increasing your chances of taking home a trophy red stag.

Check if the Package Includes Transportation to and from the Hunting Grounds

Another factor to consider when choosing a hunting package in New Zealand is transportation. It’s important to check if the package includes transportation to and from the hunting grounds. This can save you time and hassle as you won’t have to worry about finding transportation on your own.

Look for Packages That Offer Additional Activities Such as Fishing or Sightseeing

In addition to hunting, many packages offer additional activities such as fishing or sightseeing. This can make your trip even more memorable by allowing you to explore all that New Zealand has to offer. Whether you’re looking for adventure or relaxation, there are plenty of options available to suit your interests.

Compare Prices and Inclusions of Different Packages Before Making a Final Decision

Finally, it’s important to compare prices and inclusions of different hunting packages before making a final decision. This can help ensure that you get the best value for your money while also finding a package that meets all of your needs. Be sure to read reviews and do your research before booking to ensure that you have the best possible experience.

Tips for a Successful Red Stag Hunt in New Zealand

Accommodation and Meals Included in Red Stag Hunting Packages

Red stag hunting in New Zealand is a thrilling experience that attracts hunters from all over the world. One of the benefits of booking a red stag hunting package is that accommodation and meals are typically included. This means that you don’t have to worry about finding a place to stay or cooking your meals during your trip.

The type of accommodation can vary depending on the package you choose. Some packages offer luxury lodges with private rooms and en-suite bathrooms, while others provide more basic accommodations such as cabins or tents. Regardless of the type of lodging, you can expect comfortable beds, hot showers, and delicious meals prepared by skilled chefs.

Having access to quality food and restful sleep is essential for any successful hunting trip. After all, you want to be well-rested and energized when heading out into the field each day. With accommodation and meals taken care of, you can focus on what matters – bagging that trophy red stag.

Professional Guide and Transportation Provided

Another key benefit of booking a red stag hunting package in New Zealand is having access to a professional guide. These guides are highly experienced hunters who know the local terrain like the back of their hand. They’ll take you to prime hunting spots where you’re most likely to find trophy stags.

In addition to guiding your hunt, many packages also include transportation to and from the hunting grounds. This means that you don’t have to worry about renting a car or navigating unfamiliar roads on your own. Your guide will take care of everything so that you can focus on enjoying your hunt.

Use of Firearms, Ammunition, Field Dressing, and Preparation Included

Red stag hunting packages in New Zealand often include everything you need for a successful hunt – including firearms and ammunition. This eliminates the need for you to bring your equipment or worry about renting it upon arrival.

Additionally, many packages also include field dressing and preparation of the animal for transport. This means that your guide will take care of gutting, skinning, and quartering the animal so that it’s ready to be transported back home.

Additional Activities Available

While red stag hunting is undoubtedly the main attraction in New Zealand, many packages also offer additional activities such as fishing or sightseeing. This allows you to make the most of your trip by experiencing everything this beautiful country has to offer.

Whether you’re an experienced hunter or a beginner, booking a red stag hunting package in New Zealand is an excellent way to ensure a successful and enjoyable trip. With accommodation, meals, transportation, equipment, and guiding all taken care of, all you have to do is show up and focus on bagging that trophy stag.

Red Stag Hunting Packages in New Zealand

Red stags are a popular game animal in New Zealand, known for their impressive antlers and challenging hunting experience. The red stag population in New Zealand is largely attributed to the introduction of the species in the late 1800s. Today, red stag hunting in New Zealand has become a major attraction for hunters from around the world.

Private Land Hunting

Red stag hunting in New Zealand typically takes place on private land, with many outfitters offering guided hunts. These guided hunts can range from basic packages that include lodging and meals to more luxurious offerings that provide all-inclusive accommodations and personalized attention from experienced guides.

Hunting Season

The red stag hunting season in New Zealand runs from late February to August, with peak rutting season occurring in late March to early April. During this time, hunters have the best chance of spotting large stags with impressive antlers. However, it’s important to note that hunting outside of this season is also possible, as some outfitters offer year-round hunting opportunities.


Red stag hunting regulations in New Zealand require hunters to have a valid firearms license and follow specific guidelines for harvesting animals. Hunters are required to take only mature stags and must adhere to strict rules regarding minimum antler size. This helps ensure that the population remains healthy and sustainable for future generations.


New Zealand offers a wide range of red stag hunting packages at various price points. Basic packages typically start at around USD 3,000 per person and can go up to $10,000 or more depending on the level of luxury and personalized attention provided by outfitters.

Record-Breaking Red Stags

New Zealand is home to some record-breaking red stags, making it an attractive destination for serious trophy hunters. Several of the largest red stags ever recorded were taken down by hunters in New Zealand.

Choosing the Right Red Stag Hunting Package in New Zealand

Manuka Point Lodge offers a variety of hunting packages for red stag hunting in New Zealand. These packages cater to different preferences and budgets, ensuring that every hunter can have a memorable and successful hunting trip.

Luxurious Accommodation

The lodge provides luxurious and comfortable accommodations, making it an ideal place to stay during your hunting trip. The rooms are spacious, well-furnished, and equipped with all the necessary amenities to make your stay enjoyable. The lodge also has a lounge area where hunters can relax after a long day of hunting.

Prime Hunting Grounds

Manuka Point Lodge is located in the heart of the best hunting grounds, providing easy access to prime areas where trophy red stags can be found. The guides at Manuka Point Lodge are experienced hunters who know the terrain well. They will take you to the best spots for red stag hunting and help you track down your prey.

Hunting Packages

Manuka Point Lodge offers several different packages for red stag hunting. These packages vary in duration, price, and level of service. For example, there is a five-day package that includes guided hunts for red stags as well as other species such as fallow deer and wild boar. There is also a seven-day package that includes helicopter transfers to remote areas for more challenging hunts.

Experienced Guides

The guides at Manuka Point Lodge are experienced hunters who know how to handle firearms safely and effectively. They will provide you with expert advice on tracking, shooting, and field dressing your prey. They will also ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable hunting experience.

Top-Notch Equipment

Manuka Point Lodge provides top-notch equipment for their hunters including rifles, scopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, ammunition, backpacks, knives, and other gear needed on the hunt. All equipment is regularly maintained by our staff so that it is always in good condition when needed.

What’s Included in a Red Stag Hunting Package in New Zealand

It best Time of Year to Hunt Red Stag in New Zealand

The best time to hunt red stag in New Zealand is during the rutting season, which typically runs from late March to early May. During this time, stags become more active and vocal, making them easier to locate. Additionally, their antlers are fully developed, making for a more impressive trophy. However, hunting outside of the rutting season can still be successful as stags can be found year-round.

Average Size of Red Stag in New Zealand

Red stag in New Zealand are known for their impressive size and antlers. The average weight of a mature red stag ranges from 350-450 pounds, with some specimens weighing over 600 pounds. Antler size varies greatly depending on genetics and age but can range from 250-400 inches.

Hunting Gear for Red Stag Hunting in New Zealand

When preparing for a red stag hunt in New Zealand, it’s important to bring appropriate hunting gear. This includes a high-powered rifle capable of taking down the large game at long distances (such as a .300 Win Mag or .338 Lapua), binoculars or spotting scope for locating game at long distances, warm clothing layers suitable for variable weather conditions, sturdy hiking boots with good ankle support, and a backpack with essentials such as water, snacks, and first aid supplies.

Exporting Red Stag Trophies from New Zealand

There are restrictions on exporting red stag trophies from New Zealand due to biosecurity concerns. Before exporting any animal products (including hides or antlers), hunters must have them inspected by an MPI-approved taxidermist who will treat the item appropriately before shipment.

Cost of Guided Red Stag Hunt in New Zealand

The cost of a guided red stag hunt in New Zealand varies depending on several factors such as the length of the hunt (typically ranging from 3-7 days), the size of the property being hunted, and the size of the trophy being sought. On average, a guided red stag hunt in New Zealand can cost anywhere from $5,000-USD 15,000. This cost typically includes accommodations, meals, transportation to and from the hunting property, and the services of an experienced guide.

Planning Your Red Stag Hunting Trip to New Zealand

Determine the Best Time of Year to Go Hunting for Red Stag in New Zealand

When planning your red stag hunting trip to New Zealand, it’s important to consider the best time of year for hunting. The peak season for red stag hunting is from March to July, during the autumn and winter months. This is when the stags are in their rutting season and are more active, making them easier to spot and hunt.

However, if you’re looking for a more challenging hunt or want to avoid the crowds, you may want to consider going outside of peak season. From August to February, the weather is warmer and there are fewer hunters in the area. Keep in mind that hunting outside of peak season may require more skill and patience as the stags may be more elusive.

Research and Choose a Reputable Hunting Outfitter or Guide Service

Choosing a reputable hunting outfitter or guide service is crucial for a successful red stag hunting trip in New Zealand. Look for outfitters with years of experience and positive reviews from past clients. They should also have all necessary permits and licenses required by law.

Make sure you communicate your expectations clearly with your outfitter or guide service before booking your trip. Ask about accommodations, transportation, meals, equipment rental, and any other services they offer. A good outfitter will work with you to create a personalized itinerary that meets your needs.

Obtain All Necessary Permits and Licenses Required for Hunting in New Zealand

Before embarking on your red stag hunting trip in New Zealand, make sure you have obtained all the necessary permits and licenses required by law. Non-residents must obtain a firearms license from New Zealand police before bringing any firearms into the country. Additionally, non-resident hunters must purchase a game bird license and pay an additional fee for each animal they intend to hunt.

It’s important to note that regulations can vary depending on where you plan on hunting within New Zealand. Make sure to research the specific area you plan on hunting and obtain any necessary permits or licenses well in advance of your trip.

Plan Your Travel Arrangements, Including Flights, Accommodations, and Transportation to the Hunting Area

When planning your red stag hunting trip to New Zealand, it’s important to consider all aspects of travel arrangements. This includes flights, accommodations, and transportation to the hunting area.

Flights can be booked through a variety of airlines that fly into major cities such as Auckland or Christchurch. Accommodations can range from luxury lodges to basic camping sites depending on your preference and budget. It’s important to book accommodations well in advance as they can fill up quickly during peak season.

Transportation options include renting a car or hiring a shuttle service. Keep in mind that some hunting areas may require off-road vehicles or hiking to access.

Prepare for the Physical Demands of Hunting in Rugged Terrain by Getting in Shape and Bringing the Appropriate Gear

Red stag hunting in New Zealand requires physical fitness due to the rugged terrain and potentially long hikes involved. It’s important to prepare yourself physically before embarking on your trip by getting in shape through cardio and strength training exercises.

In addition, make sure you bring appropriate gear such as comfortable hiking boots with ankle support, warm clothing for cold weather conditions, and waterproof gear for rain. A good quality backpack is also essential for carrying equipment such as binoculars, water bottles, snacks, and ammunition.

Familiarize Yourself with Local Laws and Customs, as well as Safety Protocols for Hunting in New Zealand

Before heading out on your red stag hunting trip in New Zealand, it’s important to familiarize yourself with local laws and customs. This includes respecting private property boundaries and obtaining permission from landowners before entering their property.

In addition, make sure you are aware of safety protocols for hunting in New Zealand such as always pointing firearms in a safe direction, wearing appropriate safety gear, and never shooting at anything you cannot identify as your target.

By following these tips and doing thorough research before embarking on your red stag hunting trip to New Zealand, you can ensure a successful and enjoyable experience.

Frequently Asked Questions about Red Stag Hunting in New Zealand

New Zealand’s Unique Landscape Provides the Perfect Habitat for Red Stags to Thrive

Red stag hunting in New Zealand is a unique and exciting experience. The country’s diverse landscape, ranging from mountains to valleys, forests to grasslands, provides the perfect habitat for red stags to thrive. The animals are free-ranging and live in their natural environment, making for a challenging and authentic hunting experience.

The game management policies in New Zealand are strict and ensure that red stag populations are healthy and sustainable. This means that hunters can enjoy an ethical hunting experience while also contributing to conservation efforts. These policies have resulted in New Zealand becoming one of the top destinations for red stag hunting worldwide.

The Quality of Red Stags in New Zealand is Renowned Worldwide

Red stags in New Zealand are known for their exceptional quality. The animals have access to high-quality food sources year-round, which results in them growing larger antlers than their counterparts elsewhere in the world. Many hunters travel from all over the globe to experience the thrill of hunting these majestic animals.

Novice hunters need not worry as there are opportunities available for both experienced and novice hunters alike. Outfitters and guides provide expert advice on everything from equipment selection to tracking techniques, ensuring that every hunter has a successful hunt regardless of their skill level.

New Zealand Outfitters Provide Memorable Hunting Trips with Professionalism

Outfitters and guides in New Zealand provide a level of hospitality and professionalism that is unmatched anywhere else in the world. They take care of everything from accommodation arrangements to transportation, allowing hunters to focus solely on enjoying their hunting trip.

Furthermore, outfitters often work with local communities, providing employment opportunities while also supporting conservation efforts. This ensures that every hunter’s trip contributes positively to both the local economy and wildlife conservation efforts.

Book Your Ultimate Red Stag Hunting Adventure in New Zealand

If you’re looking for the ultimate red stag hunting adventure, New Zealand is the place to be. With its breathtaking landscapes and abundant wildlife, it’s no wonder that so many hunters choose to visit this beautiful country every year.

Whether you’re an experienced hunter or a beginner, there are plenty of options available there’s something for everyone.

One of the best things about red stag hunting in New Zealand is the variety of packages available. Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly option or a luxury experience, there’s a package out there that will suit your needs.

But before you book your trip, it’s important to do your research and choose the right package for you. Consider factors such as price, location, and included amenities when making your decision.

No matter which package you choose, one thing is certain: a red stag hunting trip to New Zealand will be an unforgettable experience. So why wait? Book your ultimate adventure today and start planning the trip of a lifetime!

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