Interesting Facts about Calamian Deer

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It can be tough to get the information you need about animals. If you’ve ever wanted to know all there is to know about Calamian Deer Facts, then this guide is for you.

What is a Calamian deer?

These types of deer can be found in the tropical rainforests of Asia.

A Calamian deer is a type of deer that can be found in the rainforests of Asia. They have a higher body temperature than any other animal and they also have a long, prehensile tails.

What is Calamian Deer Size?

The average weight of a mature male Calamian deer is about 22.5 kilograms which is about 50 pounds. The size of this animal is also about 1m in length which means that it’s around 3 feet tall and 6 feet long, give or take an inch or two depending on where you measure from!

Geographic Range

The Calamian deer is a species of deer that is native to the Philippines. They live on small archipelagos off the coast of the Philippines, which are their only place of residence and known habitats.

Calamian Deer Habitat

Calamian Deer Habitat

The Calamian deer inhabits forested areas and occasionally enters adjacent grasslands and shrubland. This animal can be found at elevations from sea level to 1,200 m (3,900 ft) on the island of Palawan in the Philippines where it occurs at densities of 4-5 per square kilometer (10-12 per sq mi).

What do Calamian deer eat?

The Calamian deer has a specialized diet consisting mostly of a range of plant materials such as young leaves and shoots, grasses, ferns, and bamboos.

Physical Description

The Calamian deer is a small, slender deer with a pointed muzzle, long ears, and slender legs. They have reddish-brown fur on the back and whitish fur on the belly.

Calamian deer are found in tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia, where they prefer to inhabit steep hillsides covered in dense vegetation. They feed primarily on leaves, fruit, and young shoots of trees, which are abundant in their habitat.

Reproduction -Breeding

The reproductive season lasts from September to January.

The gestation period is about 6 months.

Calamian deer are usually pregnant only once every other year.

About 1 month before giving birth, the female will leave her herd and find a secluded area where she will give birth in seclusion.

Lambing season lasts for about 6 months during which time the females are pregnant or have given birth recently.

The mother will stay with her young for about 8 to 10 weeks before they are both able to fend for themselves and rejoin the herd.

The Calamian deer can reproduce in one of two ways. Courtship behavior between males and females is important when it comes to reproduction because it prevents reproduction with another male when in heat.

This behavior can take the form of vocalizations, scent-marking, mounting, chasing females, or sparring with other males. Males will also often fight between themselves for access to females who are in heat. Females typically give birth to.

How long does a Calamian Deer Live?

A Calamian deer is an animal whose average lifespan ranges from ten to twenty years.

The lifespan of a Calamian deer varies depending on the gender, location, and population density of this animal. The low end of this range is about ten years, while the upper end is about seventy years.

Females tend to live longer than males in general; it’s not clear why that’s true exactly.

Communication and Perception

The Calamian deer is an animal that has a wonderful ability to communicate and perceive. They would use visual and acoustic communication to attract mates, defend territories, and warn of predators.

The Calamian deer is a type of deer that has unique communication skills. They communicate with each other in a variety of ways.

The most popular way is by using infrasound, which is sound waves below 20 Hz. These sounds are not audible to humans but can be heard by other animals like the Calamian deer and large ground predators like the tiger.

Anti-predator Adaptations

Anti-predator Adaptations

The Calamian deer have many adaptations to help them avoid predators. These adaptations are their larger size, running ability, ability to make quick turns at high speeds, and ears that are set close to the head.

They have increased in size. The average weight of a male Calamian deer is 53kg while the average weight for a female is 37kg. This is important because it helps them avoid predators by being able to outrun them with ease.

The Calamian deer can make quick turns at high speeds when they are in danger which helps them avoid predators because they can quickly change directions when they see one coming near.

It also has large ears that are set close to its head so it can hear any potential danger coming from behind it even if it cannot see what’s.

Ecosystem Roles

The Calamian deer have been found to have three different roles in the ecosystem. It spreads seeds from plant species that thrive on its diet, it helps keep forests healthy by eating a specific type of fruit that can be harmful to them, and it provides food for other animals.

Conservation Status

Their numbers decreased rapidly due to deforestation and poaching, which led them to become critically endangered under the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species classification.


The population of the Calamian deer has dwindled over the last decade, some estimates putting it as low as 500.

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Why Calamian deer is endangered?

The population decline of this species can be attributed to habitat loss, ungulate hunting and poaching for meat and other animal products.

How many Calamian deer are left?

The population of Calamian deer is estimated at 500-1000 and decreasing.

Where do calamian deer sleep?

The precise location varies from deer to deer, but they tend to sleep close to a tree or bush where they can be protected from predators such as tigers.

What plants do calamian deer avoid?

They are known to avoid plants with thorns, bristles, spikes, or poisonous substances.
Calamian deer avoid plants that have a strong scent or taste, such as sagebrush, manzanita, and juniper branches.

Can calamian deer swim?

Evidence suggests that the answer is yes. Though it has not been scientifically proven whether or not they are able to swim long distances, there are many recorded instances of them swimming short distances.

İs calamian deer aggressive?

Calamian deer are not aggressive.
They are not territorial, but they are territorial when there is a chance of their offspring being poached. They may become aggressive when defending their offspring from predators.

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