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Difference Between Chinese Water Deer And Chinese Muntjac

There are many differences between these two animals. For example, the Chinese water deer is much larger than the muntjac so it can reach up to 160 pounds.

They also have different habitats; The muntjac lives in forests while the Chinese water deer live in marshes and wet areas.

Chinese water deer and Muntjacs are both mammals that belong to the Cervidae family. However, they are not related to each other; they are different species completely which makes them unique from each other even though they share some similarities like their appearance.

The Chinese Muntjac is a type of muntjac.

The Chinese water deer is a rare and endangered species of deer that only exists in Yunnan Province in China.

What İs A Chinese Muntjac Deer 

What İs A Chinese Muntjac Deer

The Chinese muntjac also called the wu muntjac, is a small deer that lives in Asia. It’s the only member of the genus Muntiacus and can be found on Hainan Island and in northwestern China.

The Chinese muntjac is smaller than other deer species, with males reaching between 37 inches to 39 inches long. They typically live in forests but will venture into more open areas when there are no trees nearby.

The Chinese muntjac deer is a small mammal that belongs to the family of Cervidae. They are native to the forests of China.

The Chinese muntjac deer has two subspecies which are identified as Rucervus pygmaeus pygmaeus and Rucervus pygmaeus bactrianus. It weighs an average of 8-12 pounds and grows to an average length of 30 inches, excluding its tail.

İs Chinese Muntjac Good To Eat?

The Chinese muntjac has been introduced into many countries outside Asia as an exotic game animal, but it has been assessed as being at risk of extinction from over-hunting and competition with livestock for food and habitat.

Hunters often refer to the animal by its Chinese name “when” (Mandarin) or “kinsmen” (Cantonese).

Chinese Muntjacs are good to eat, however, they are considered at risk of extinction due to hunting/competition with livestock for food/habitat.

Are Chinese Muntjac Deer Dangerous?

The Chinese muntjac deer is not dangerous unless provoked or threatened. They are often seen as pests by humans because they destroy crops for food during the night.

Chinese muntjac deer are not usually dangerous to humans. However, there is still a risk of injury if you encounter one.

How Much Does A Chinese Muntjac Deer Cost?

It is considered to be the rarest species of deer in the world. This species is considered threatened by IUCN because it is hunted for meat and traditional medicine.

The current population of this animal is less than 100,000 individuals and shrinking at a rate of 10% every decade.

Many factors contribute to the price of this animal, such as how rare it is and how much it weighs.

The Chinese Muntjac Deer are native to China, Korea, Taiwan, and Japan. They are small deer with short legs and a short tail.

A Chinese Muntjac Deer can cost up to $3,000 in Japan.

Are Chinese Muntjac Deer A Pest?

Chinese Muntjac deer are not a pest. They are an important part of the food chain and provide food for other animals such as birds and mammals.

It is wrong to think of them as a pest because they provide food for other animals such as birds and mammals.

Where Do Chinese Muntjacs Come From?

Where Do Chinese Muntjacs Come From?

The Muntjacs are a family of small deer that live in South and Southeast Asia.

The Chinese muntjac is a type of deer native to China. It is not known if the Chinese muntjac exists or if they are just a myth created by the local people.

Chinese muntjacs are usually found in mountainous areas with vegetation and large hills.

What İs The Difference Between A Chinese Muntjac And A Roe Deer?

Chinese muntjacs are slightly larger than roe deer. They also have a more reddish coat of fur, longer ears, and shorter tails.

A Chinese muntjac is a type of deer that is found in China and other parts of East Asia. A roe deer on the other hand is a type of deer that is found throughout Europe and North America as well as in Siberia.

The main difference between these two types of deer is their geographic location – one lives in China and one lives in North America.

How Big İs A Chinese Muntjac Deer?

The size of the Chinese muntjac varies depending on its age. A newborn Chinese muntjac deer is only about 16 inches tall while an adult male deer can measure up to 32 inches tall.

Female Chinese muntjac is usually shorter than the males, measuring about 30 inches.

Do Chinese Muntjacs live alone?

This is a question that many people have asked. It is not easy to answer this question. Muntjacs are shy animals who live in groups in the wild.

They have an average body size and are about 13 inches high at the shoulder. They have short, powerful legs which help them to move quickly through the forest, and long tales that they use for balance while jumping or running fast.

Chinese muntjac is solitary animals, but they will sometimes form temporary social groups called “packs” with another muntjac of either sex when mating season is approaching or during hunting season when prey is scarce. Most of the time though, these animals would be found alone or in pairs.

Can Chinese Muntjacs Swim?

The American muntjac, a close relative of the Chinese Muntjac, is adept at swimming and often takes refuge from aerial predators by hiding underwater or behind waterfalls.
However, it has been found that China’s national animal cannot swim.

The Chinese muntjac can’t swim because it does not have webbed toes.
The answer to this question is no. They can’t swim, but they are good at jumping from one tree to another.

What Does Chinese Muntjac Taste Like?

The flavor of the Chinese muntjac depends on the type of meat. The flavor can be determined by the amount of fat and minerals in the meat, as well as how it has been processed.


It has a leaner, more delicate taste than other types of deer because it eats a diet that contains more leaves and fruits than other types of deer.

Chinese Muntjac meat can be tender or tough depending on how cooked it is. If you cook it well, the meat will be tender and soft with a mild taste.

How High Can A Chinese Muntjac Jump?

Chinese muntjac deer are small and agile, and they can jump surprisingly high. They can jump as high as 3 feet which is about 1 meter. They use their jumping ability to escape danger and to feed on the leaves of trees.

Do Chinese Muntjacs Eat Meat?

Although there are many unknown facts about the Chinese muntjac, one thing is for sure. They are herbivores that feed on plants and fruits.

Chinese Muntjacs are the smallest and most common type of deer found in China. They feed primarily on plants and leaves, but can also consume small insects and sometimes meat.

How Do I Get Rid Of Chinese Muntjac?

Some people think that you can get rid of them by planting garlic in your garden to confuse them but this does not work because they only eat vegetation.

There are lots of ways to get rid of Chinese muntjac, here are a few.

Rodenticides: Chukars can be poisoned by consuming rodenticide bait that has been placed in the area where they live. This is the most popular way to eliminate Chinese muntjac.

Traps: Trapping is one of the most effective methods to get rid of Chinese muntjac if you know their habits and habitat. But make sure to pick up all dead rodents after you trap them so they don’t come back to life and multiply again!

Loud noises: A good way to scare away Chinese muntjac is by using loud noises like fireworks or gas leaks that will cause them not only to run away but also prevent them from coming back.

What Plants Do Muntjacs Avoid?

Muntjacs are herbivores and feed on vegetation, grasses, leaves, etc. They avoid plants with thorns and spines that might cause injury to them.

Trees and plants with strong flavors, such as the ‘sour plums’, are avoided by Chinese Muntjacs.


what do Chinese water deer eat?

Chinese water deer are herbivores, and they eat a wide variety of plants and plant parts. They have been observed to eat leaves, flowers, stems, fruit, seeds, bark, and roots.

What is the size of a newborn Chinese water deer?

Water deer give birth to several young at a time. The fawns weigh less than 1 kg (2 pounds) at birth and hide quickly.

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