white-tailed deer
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The White-Tailed Deer: Where Are They Found? (Habitat & behavior)

If you've ever wanted to know all there is to know about white-tailed deer, then this guide is for you. What Are White-Tailed Deer? White-tailed deer are a species of…

water deer
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The Water Deer: Defining a New Species

It can be tough to get the information you need about animals. If you've ever wanted to know all there is to know about the Water Deer, then this guide…

Buffon’s Kob Antelope
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The Secret Life Of The Buffon’s Kob Antelope

Do you know that there is an antelope that is so rare, that it was only discovered in 2001? This antelope is called the Buffon’s Kob, and it is one…

Pygmy Kariyaku Deer
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The Pygmy Brocket, a Rare Species – Habitat

What is Pygmy Brocket? The Pygmy Brocket, also known as the Dwarf Brocket, is a small species of deer that belongs to the genus Mazama. Its scientific name is Mazama…

Roosevelt muntjac
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The Complete Guide to Roosevelt muntjac and What You Need to Know

What is a Roosevelt's muntjac deer? Roosevelt's muntjac deer, also known as Roosevelt's barking deer or the large-antlered muntjac (Muntiacus rooseveltorum), is a species of muntjac deer found in the…

eld's deer
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The Complete Guide to Eld’s Deer Facts and What You Need to Know

If you've ever wanted to know all there is to know about Eld's Deer Facts, then this guide is for you. What İs A Eld's Deer? The Eld's deer, also…

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Best Red Stag Hunting in New Zealand – 2023 Guide

New Zealand is a paradise for hunters, and red stag hunting is one of the most popular activities among them. Red deer were introduced to New Zealand in the 19th…

African Puku Antelope
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The African Antelope Puku: Africa’s Most Endangered Antelope

The puku is a shy and elusive antelope that is found only in Africa. It is the most endangered antelope in the world. What is African Antelope Puku? The African…

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Experience Red Lechwe Hunting in South Africa: A Guide

Red Lechwe hunting is a thrilling and challenging activity that has become increasingly popular in South Africa. The Red Lechwe, a unique species of antelope, is known for its long…

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Red Lechwe Hunting in Texas: Prices & Packages

Red lechwe hunting in Texas is a unique experience that draws hunters from all over the world. These antelopes are native to southern Africa but were introduced to Texas in…